Sun of God vs. Sun of Man

Son of God vs son of man.  Both sun and son of man are ruling the day but their time is very short.  Supernatural Bible changes     End of Days website predictions   Revelation end of days

The god of the iron rods rules by towers of babel.  His time is short.

The Gentiles are already “caught up in the cloud”.  Like fish in a net.  By the god of the iron rods of Babel.  Make no mistake.  Not all the Dark Lord’s new words in the books are lies.  He tells his side of the story.

The Locust has flown.  The winged abomination already landed and infested those who are of reprobate minds.  The Fig Tree mystery is revealed to the chosen few.  Jesus protects His sheep.  The Lion of Judah left the lamb to the wolf of their choice.  They prefer the lies.  We cannot change their hearts.  Harvest time is upon us.  Time is short to be on the fallen Earth.

The New Earth is coming.

The Sun/Son of God is on the Way.   And the “son/sun of man” now rules the day.  The white hot coherent laser light sun of man and so the bibles Son of God turned to son of man.  God’s Son/Sun will return in power and in glory and who will be able to stand?

Natural light is not “coherent laser light”.

I took this photo about 6 years ago. See the wire & trees covered by the laser a “coherent strictly un-natural light source”. This proves it’s not a camera anomaly and that our new white hot Sun of man is not a natural sun.

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