Farewell Old English KJVB Hello Towers of Babel.

Hello Middle English

Used to be the KJV Bible was Old English very poetic always eloquent, never crass or brutal.  Old English was spoken in certain movies and films like the “Tudors” series.  And other movies with Shakespeare.

Think Romeo and Juliet, and they of that language HERE ARE EXAMPLES OF OLD ENGLISH AS IT WAS PRIOR TO THE MANDELA EFFECT.


A temperate Farewell to The Words in the KJVB.  Farewell to the renowned and exquisite scholarly grammar and spelling, farewell to that which lent itself to right and good.

Say hello to the works of the towers of Babel among you unawares.  And hello to the days of the Dark Lord’s rein on fallen Earth.

Farewell to preachers who deserved not to speak its gracious words.   Truth shall flow no more from their wicked tongues.  Farewell.  For we who are True have the Words wrapped tightly and evenly around our heart.  Our heart’s desire is composed of these such words.

The famine is upon the lands of men, though they see it not. Until the mass of men be pricked to the core of their heart by apocalyptic shock and events, they shall neither see or hear by man, or beast the words God has set in the hearts of His own faithful.

The Word of God is written on my own heart.  The lies are written on the paper. 

Beautiful with elegance not a saucy or obscure term in any line of text.  Forthright were the word terms, and to the point the verses were fragrant to the soul and palatable to the spirit.  The bread of Life is Jesus and His Truth feeds His children.   A refreshing of Spirit shall follow reading words that agree with one’s heart.

Could it be so that those whom Father appointed the greatest task of all time on Earth itself be corrupt in their intellect and thought or perhaps careless and ignorant of their own language?  I think not!  Yet educated Christians take no thought of the errors in the text.

Will not our Father bring forth words and terms of delight with excellence?  Do you who are so learned about His words and terms see the corruption of the text at hand?  How be it pronouncements are skewed?  How be it spellings are tragically dispondant (despaired, discourage of, urged to gloom) of mood and Truth?   

Our Great language of Old English were words that meant what they said and said what they meant in EVERY instance both of tongue and of the ink well. 

Where for art thou oh sacred writings of old?  How be it thou hath gone henceforth from my sight with haste?  I bid thee farewell blessed words of Father portraying both hope and faith. 

Prophesies of Amos 8:11 and 12 must come to pass before us in full, prior to the passing away of this generation. The decree of famine of God’s words was set forth not in haste, oh no, nor without regard for those who would remember well the old ways of the true scholars sacred text.  Wherefore art thou oh book of old on which per adventure, I weighed its pages to heavily upon my very soul.

Calling any text ‘perfection’ hallows the risk of idolatry and hails the writers as gods.

  The written words dismissal from my presence hath abated me if only for a time, sorrow and dismay encompass me.  Shall I miss thee as if thou were my own breathren?  Shall I grieve ye long in passing oh book dissolved?   Misshapen and heinous is your successor, I proclaim it.   Seeing the sacred words flow out as water from a vase is no small event in my heart.  The loss is both miraculous and tragic,supernatural and amazing.  I welcome to celebrate my great loss and grieve it together.  Once in a lifetime.

The result of the passing of sacred words render my very heart a deep well of loss save my Savior come here soon and my joy return unto me.  He shall quench my heart as a dry green plant thirsts for water for its very survival and life.   

I must either cleave away or  bind forthwith in sorrow and icy shallow dreams my remembrance of said text?  “Same as it ever was, same as it ever was” scream those blind men.

The Word of God is written on my own heart.  The lies are written on the paper.  I choose Truth and the wherewithal  to accept, endure, and allow the changes to flow thru and about me as I sway like a tree when the strong storm wind surrounds it.   I bend and sway, not broken by the change of time, two times and the dividing of time.

Surely thine Author’s arms must reach through and breach time itself by the vail that succumbs to no one except He, and henceforth deliver all who see the passing of Truth and greatly we grieve it.

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