PassOver Vision of the Black Death

Is Passover & Three Days of Darkness the same thing?  Maybe

Today I saw a vision of a black cloud storm.  An unstopable black haze that destroys most of mankind in its wake.  It will overtake all of the Earth with darkness.  Killing everyone in its path & still commit no crime.  How?  The Dark Angels are ordained of God for the harvest of souls.  Just as the Passover was depicted in the Bibles before the desecration of the holy place(God’s words changed on Earth but forever set in Heaven.

A few days later I heard this statement by one who prophesied unawares.  “They are awakening Azrael the Angel of Death.”
“Azrael is the angel of death in some Abrahamic religions, namely Islam and Christian popular culture. Relative to similar concepts of such beings, Azrael holds a benevolent role as God’s angel of death; he acts as a psychopomp, responsible for transporting the souls of the deceased after their death.”

Predicted to occur approximately April thru Junes’ end 2024

Wall of Death. Death Angel of Passover vision. 03-22-2024

Today the Death Angel marked it’s path over the Earth.  Few have the seal of God and the Passover Seal posted on their wall.  The Alpha, The Omega, The Beginning, and The End.

The reapers are called “Death”.  They will travel inside the black storm like a cloud of dust.  Turning those to be harvested to red dust as their spirits leave their bodies for judgement.  There are six basic possible outcomes that we surmise once a man meets the Death Angel.  The only ones who will not be harvested by the Death Angel are the 144,000.  Why?  The 144 have a job to do in preparing the New Earth and New Nature for the coming Gentiles after their 1,000 year sleep (that will seem as one day).


1.Rapture & Sleep for 1,000 years to awaken to paradise New Earth.

2.Rapture and awaken to Heaven above in the realm of The Creator of Earth and mankind.

3. Be passed over to seed the New Earth Paradise (The Promise land) possibly by Way of Heaven.  144 are called to walk the Earth for 1,000 years to chronicle and learn the wonders.  And be better prepared as guardians of The New Earth.

5.Bondage and suffering in Hell the place of punishment per judgement.

6. Crash into the Lake of Fire where the soul is ended unto nothingness.

7.Awaken to Hell & eternal life in the sins and lies they prefer.  The children of darkness desire darkness.

“You are a child of your father the devil.” Not all are children of the God of Light and Love.

“Not all shall sleep but we shall ALL be changed in the twinkling of the eye and in a moment at the last trump.”

Angelic Reapers of the Harvest already arrived. Many people have already returned to God in the Heaven harvesting of souls in mass.  Photo by Mrmbb333 on youtube

The date above of the Rapture is an educated GUESS.    Harvest of humans on Earth will be three Events in one.

Hypothesis Examples of Salvation or Lack Thereof.

1. Eternal Death by Lake of Fire for goats who know no god.

2. Rapture for believers in God.  These believers are saved by Jesus & God the Father who accepts His plan of salvation.  Jesus knows them.  Also those saved from the Lake of Fire by Faith in God alone, the Creator God is Love.

2A.  Those who are Gentiles and not “the elect, chosen few” those who pray to God and proclaim Jesus yet don’t really know Him will be raptured to the 1,000 years as is one day of sweet sleep.  When they are awoken they will have the honor of going to the New Earth.

The children of God Almighty will step through a door unto another place and another time.
The New Earth The Sun/Son of God rises.

2B. The chosen few (spiritual Israel) will be raptured one way or another. Possibly during passover.  If the vision is correctly interpreted.   Just in the nick of time.  They will be taken up and also taken to the New Earth as soon as that’s possible.  The chosen will seed & chronicle the Wonderful New Earth.  They will be transfigured to better bodies.  They will watch the Sun/Son of God rise in the Eastern sky.  They will be able to stand in His Light due to purification and God’s Holy Grace.  If your one of these 144,000 your already yearning for the New Earth or Home.

3. Gentiles will not suffer punishment or suffering at harvest time.  They are to be raptured unto a long sleep while God prepares the New Earth.  One day as a thousand days. It will seem like one day to Gentiles but it will be 100 lifetimes to the 144 seeding the New Earth.  “Seeding” just means doing whatever needs done in preparation for the coming saved to abide on Earth.

4. The dark souls who have a god of darkness and will spend their eternity in the world below.  They are saved by Faith in their Dark Lord.   These are children of the Dark Lord from their inception.  Their heart doesn’t yearn for the God of Light because He is not their Father.

Others will go to Hell as a punishment.

John 8:44

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”


5. The majority of those in bunkers and caves will not survive.  Those who are in certain high end elite billionaire caves may survive for a time.  But they will not be permitted to reinfect the New Earth with their lies and poisons.  If they have an eternal god they may continue on to Hell.  But the lake of fire will be the end of all for the worst of the worst greedy & genocidal rulers of the fallen Earth.

“Mar 9:42
And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.”

6. Of course there is salvation for some by unforeseen variables of which only God Himself is aware of at this juncture.  For God looks upon the heart and many will be surprised in that day of the New World at who is saved and moreover surprised at who wasn’t saved.

These hypothesised predictions are all coming from the Spirit within Jazweeh the See-er.  She is human and could be wrong.  But The Spirit of God does not lie.

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Sun of God vs. Sun of Man

Son of God vs son of man.  Both sun and son of man are ruling the day but their time is very short.  Supernatural Bible changes     End of Days website predictions   Revelation end of days

The god of the iron rods rules by towers of babel.  His time is short.

The Gentiles are already “caught up in the cloud”.  Like fish in a net.  By the god of the iron rods of Babel.  Make no mistake.  Not all the Dark Lord’s new words in the books are lies.  He tells his side of the story.

The Locust has flown.  The winged abomination already landed and infested those who are of reprobate minds.  The Fig Tree mystery is revealed to the chosen few.  Jesus protects His sheep.  The Lion of Judah left the lamb to the wolf of their choice.  They prefer the lies.  We cannot change their hearts.  Harvest time is upon us.  Time is short to be on the fallen Earth.

The New Earth is coming.

The Sun/Son of God is on the Way.   And the “son/sun of man” now rules the day.  The white hot coherent laser light sun of man and so the bibles Son of God turned to son of man.  God’s Son/Sun will return in power and in glory and who will be able to stand?

Natural light is not “coherent laser light”.

I took this photo about 6 years ago. See the wire & trees covered by the laser a “coherent strictly un-natural light source”. This proves it’s not a camera anomaly and that our new white hot Sun of man is not a natural sun.

For encouragement daily in dark times read my daily meditations book full of one page emotional daily helps.

Morning Coffee, Dope, & Hope.

Our Daily Bread

“Mankind should not serve two masters.  For he will despise one, and embrace with Love, the Other.  Mankind should not serve both man (mammon) & God.”

Hell’s Seduction (Matt’s Art)

Yet here we are friends, brothers, sisters, yet here we are.  Forced by the system to serve mammon (money).   Why?  We need it to buy food and housing, clothing, and meds.  We need money to survive in this current system.  Because the way of survival by independence was long ago educated out of humankind.  They taught us one thing in school primarily. And that was how to be successfully dependant upon the beast system.  The slave owners have our asses.  And they are not letting go of power & control without a fight.

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“Paradise for the Hellbound” Read Free

The Scripture based Book Paradise for the Hellbound by Laura Edgar

Copyrights reserved and conditional. Please don’t plagiarize.   Feel free to post or copy as long as full credit is given to me “Laura Edgar”. I Laura R. Edgar reserve by copyright all monetary rights 100% and rights to title and trademark. To thine own self be true.

Yes the book is on Amazon for sale however its not available in paper form only Kindle.  If you desire a paper book please contact me at

Please forgive the writer for poor wording back in 2012.  I have since learned (2022)I was in error by calling the bible "The Word of God."  Jesus is the only True "Word of God." John 1.  The Bible contains - God's inspired wordsssss.

Jonah is prophecy

The book of Jonah was always prophecy just like the rest of the end of days Old Testament stories.  Every one of the stories is about now (2023).  Have you noticed how many end of days “Watchmen on the wall” there are now?  The present day watchmen ARE THE SIGN OF JONAH.  They are screaming “prepare!  Jesus is returning soon prepare!”

Why am I saying that the watchmen are the sign of Jonah?  Because of a connected scripture.  I have a cross reference which pertains to the proclamation of the end of days and the warning that comes with it.

“A greedy and idolatrous generation seeks a sign!  But no sign will be given to them (on the end times) EXCEPT the sign of Jonah.  Just as Jonah spent three days in the whale in darkness, so too Jesus shall spend three days in death.”

And Jonah told the Ninevites to repent or they would perish.  That is the call of todays watchmen as well.  Hence the sign of Jonah is Jesus’ return.  Likely by 2024 April 8.


What if under one condition could a man write books of wisdom and still be respected by his peers. And the condition was this, every author must obey all his own words at all times for, if he doesn’t he shall be considered by one- and-all a hypocrite undeserving of the pen. I then say to this, thank God for and behold thy faithful hypocrite. For truly good men do evil. And atrocious men do good if only for display. No man [mankind] is at his best through every passing juncture of the season’s change. Please my fellows allow our writer his birthright of human perfection which is in fact, God’s calculated plan for an imperfect being. But for our many wise authors allowing their God-selves to surface, by clawing through the dark, narrow, natural mind. They do then spring forth into light. And we through time stock our libraries with Love-filled words of Wisdom and Grace. We devour the very words by our appetite of Hope.   And then our wise authors fade away from their best sparsely enabling the wisdom they know works. Thank God then for thy faithful hypocrite.___________________Laura Edgar

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Farewell Old English KJVB Hello Towers of Babel.

Hello Middle English

Used to be the KJV Bible was Old English very poetic always eloquent, never crass or brutal.  Old English was spoken in certain movies and films like the “Tudors” series.  And other movies with Shakespeare.

Think Romeo and Juliet, and they of that language HERE ARE EXAMPLES OF OLD ENGLISH AS IT WAS PRIOR TO THE MANDELA EFFECT.


A temperate Farewell to The Words in the KJVB.  Farewell to the renowned and exquisite scholarly grammar and spelling, farewell to that which lent itself to right and good.

Say hello to the works of the towers of Babel among you unawares.  And hello to the days of the Dark Lord’s rein on fallen Earth.

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