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Hi. I am Laura of Akron. Laura Edgar the author of “Paradise for the Hellbound”. I wrote the book around 2007 on the most part. This was before my great awakening to the beast system. This was also before the end times became apparent and prophecy began fulfillment. There are many supernatural bible changes in KJVB that I was not privy to back then.

I write articles for the following websites and am very interested in end times prophecy, the truth movement, authentic youtube channels of real people, and natural remedies, holistic healing herbs as opposed to allopathic medicine….poisons.

See my end times websites

The addiction recovery websites have great solutions for deprogramming from the beast system.  If you do not believe in the supernatural you won’t like the first three sites listed.  However the recovery websites are very practical and full of emotional solutions to anxiety, fear, panic attacks, low self worth and more.