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In a Multitude of Counselors there is Wisdom. (unedited)

Men must be able to also humble themselves before men for counsel. Wise counsel comes from other men not just God. God works through other people. My book took 10 years. Editing is what took me the longest.

Commandment #11 “Thou shalt not- NOT finish your book lest God cast you into hell for procrastination?” I do not remember that one. The Truth about me set me free from self judgement. I worked the 12 steps in Jesus and was given a way to accept my fear and turn it over/process it instead of denying fear and shaming myself as if fear is sin.

Without fear mankind would not survive. Fear is part of the human condition but we are not taught how and what to do with fear when it becomes too big. When we repress fear it grows. Humans are as sick as their secrets. Working the 12 steps along with empathic therapy/group therapy…helped me to let myself off the hook. Once I quit self rational/self-deception/emotional denial/self criticism/self condemnation and began speaking to myself with Love and encouragement I reprogrammed out of the “I am bad & wrong” beast programming. Plus meditation in Jesus all of these things helped me to approach Father in Truth and take off the mask of vanity, false pride, I was able to become who I really am.

Make a fear list from the absolute core of your heart. Do not allow intellect to shut down Truth because the heart may seem like its irrational and needs ignored or denied. Write every fear irrational and all. If a man says he has no fear the Truth is not in him. After you write the fear list flip it over and try to understand what the list reveals to you.

For instance example…”I fear I am not good enough for God’s first fruit harvest”. I confess “Father I lack faith and Love because I know perfect Love casts out all fear.

Father answers me, “Laura, the flesh will always be with you as long as you are human, this fear is natural, you are saved by Faith, you see Truth & side with Truth. Jesus is Truth., “Laura I desire Truth over fake prayers of sanctimonious status quos. Be real”.

No Fear No Courage—Know Fear Know Courage. God continues, “I shall help you with this fear because you have confessed it in Truth to me. Release it.”

Remember its not Faith…IF its not Faith.” Where there is Faith there is also doubt and Hope, that’s why its called FAITH & Hope.   We Hope for our Faith to become fulfilled.   But not yet, not yet.  We must carry this flesh for now and that means fear.  So its better to learn fear tools that to just deny it and let it increase as a secret.

“Father I fear because I do not trust you as I wish I did I confess my lack of Trust, please help me to trust you and trust in your Great Love for me. Please remove my irrational fears. I ask for the peace that surpasses all earthly understanding.” The Lord hears our weakest prayer.

Ah but the harlot teaches that Faith and fear cannot dwell together in the same body making us all faithless according to the harlot since we all have fears…or making us lie to ourselves and others about our fears so we won’t be “I am bad & wrong”.

Once again fear programming is from youth…chicken, yellow belly, panzy, P&&sy, wicked sinner who has fear, scaredy-cat, woosy and on and on demeaning us for fear so most learn to hide fear and wear a mask.  The mask MUST come off.

Faith & Fear Dwell Together (proof)

And so I can prove faith and fear dwell together in one paragraph.
A man is jumped by a robber. With a knife to his throat the robbers demands his cash & car. Instantly the man terrified begins to pray to God “please deliver me from this robber for I fear he will kill me.” The man prayed by Faith while experiencing great fear.

Anguish is a RECENT new word term in the KJVB.  Word “anguish” is one of the supernatural KJVB changes therefore those who follow and believe the now mostly corrupt book will experience quite possibly the lies that it promotes like “anguish”. Anguish is the counterfeit for the true spiritual burden for souls, travail, supplications & prayers of lamentations. Anguish is an emotion not a spiritual gift or spiritual action. Let yourself be True and the Truth will set you free.

As for the corrupt ongoing blasphemous changes to the book it will either be seen as evil or it will be an idol above reproach worshiped above Truth.

All believers must let go of the book it is an idol full of lies.

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    1. Thanks CharlesGes. I am about to write my third book. Title I think shall be “Morning Coffee with Dope & Hope”. I will attempt to sell it on amazon. The many changes I see in the natural & supernatural shall be written of. I may need to call it “fiction?” to play it safe idk yet. Still it must be listed under the heading of Spirituality. Just as all my books are. For content ideas see my other sites jazweeh.com and danaashlie.com.

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