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“Mankind should not serve two masters.  For he will despise one, and embrace with Love, the Other.  Mankind should not serve both man (mammon) & God.”

Hell’s Seduction (Matt’s Art)

Yet here we are friends, brothers, sisters, yet here we are.  Forced by the system to serve mammon (money).   Why?  We need it to buy food and housing, clothing, and meds.  We need money to survive in this current system.  Because the way of survival by independence was long ago educated out of humankind.  They taught us one thing in school primarily. And that was how to be successfully dependant upon the beast system.  The slave owners have our asses.  And they are not letting go of power & control without a fight.

Awareness & Heart-felt Expression of Fear-Is Part of a Healthy Emotional Human Condition

Take pride in your fear.  Make no mistake, you should be afraid.   Admit fear, express it, never hide it away in shame.  Let fear dance at your wedding and prance through your mind.   Allow fear to show you who you are and how God made you.   Created with fear to either heed & run like hell.  Or to embrace, assess and overcome it by courage.  Embrace the fear of the future, embrace regrets of the past.  Express them to let them go.  Meet terror with a scream & sigh. The Truth Shall Set You Free.

For it is not fear which is the demon of the soul.   It is the lies told to ourselves regarding fear which breaks the man.   By hiding it fear grows strong in the minds and takes on a life of its own.

“Same as it Ever Was, Same as it Ever Was” screams the man by denial who cannot handle what is changing around him.

We are as sick as our secret fear that will grow if not confronted.

Some people are empathic & we can share our fears with them to get them out.  Others still believe fear makes them wrong & bad.  They will use our sharing against us.  So we do not cast pearls of Truth before swine to trample our hearts voice.

Who is “Israel” in Biblical Terms?

Would God Almighty the God of Love choose His very elect, His chosen few just because of their geneology?  Would He choose His chosen because of their great works of Faith?  Were they selected from the dawn of creation because “He knew them”?  Have they said all the right things and done all the best works?  Did these chosen few somehow manage to keep their bloodlines clean throughout all of time?

Yes, yes, yes, & yes.  With a no, no, no, and no!  Yes & no!  How can that be?  Now we must open our minds or we will not get the knowledge imparted to us in this book.  Believe or do not believe my words.  However be sure to understand the concepts a la-supernatural in full before making an informed decision on doctrinal & supernatural concepts of end of days.

The Beginning from the End.  First are last and last are first.   By the gift of desperation and the hole in their heart that only God’s Spirit can fill the chosen sought God in ways of ignorance primarily.  Searching, searching, desperately for something, anything to fill the great void in their hearts.  They did not know themselves, their own heart, or the nature of mankind.  They were full programmed into the beast system of lies.   Blown to and fro by any wind which carried them to some kind of relief.

At first they didn’t know what the hollow void was about or why they felt the way they did.  They knew not how to fill it.  Therefore they used every way they could find to numb the spiritual pain.  Not all feel the void the way their hearts felt it or the whole world would seek God fervently.  To be chosen few begins and ends with their heart condition.  They feel the separation from God unlike others.  And so they seek remedies.

These remedies eventually caused their own temporary death of the body.   All the chosen have died at least once.

They died and were brought back.  Probably most of their deaths came on the wing of self destructive sin. Deep remorse bringing sin did these children of God engaged in.  Their sins were many and all forgiven as anyone elses.  They believed in God from their first concepts of Him.  They know there is a Creator and seldom if ever doubted that Truth.


Death to Rip the Vail

Death is necessary to pass through the vail.  To see into the realm of The Spirit death is needed.  They also are called to walk purgatory and the grave.  And to bring others out just as Jesus still brings the self condemned out of the first level of Hell & the grave.  The chosen few had to die to experience the bondage of death while under the law.  Death prior to having the keys to death and Hell later given to them by Jesus Himself.


Jesus Retrieved the Keys to Death and Hell

Jesus took those keys from the dark realm Lords to give to His chosen few.  And to anyone else who seeks Him.  He did not “steal” them.  God appointed Him to do the mission so souls could survive, so Death itself would bow before the Children of God.  Death is my servant.

“He who sinneth much Loveth much”.

After a long walk in the homemade hell on Earth the chosen few finally met Grace face to face.   It was that meeting which pulled them out of their self destructive jag.  By finally seeking God in desperation when nothing else worked to fill the God hole these children of darkness & sin met Grace in a place of praise, worship, & light.  As result they now realize the depth of God’s Love for them as much as any human can.

“God Almighty abides in the praises of His children.”

“I am Grace”, said the woman the angel.  And from that moment there came life saving change.  For me it was in a building that houses animals, stock shows & rodeos.  A revival was held at the place where farm animals are put on display.  Grace showed up.  There is a much better chance for spiritual experiences in places where praise and worship are practiced.  The Pentecostals are the most aware of this fact about praise & worship.   And Pentecostals are also the most mocked religion on Earth.  Why?

Make no mistake, God’s Higher Language is an intense threat to the dark realms.  Utterances and the full gift of tongues are two different supernatural gifts.  “Utterances” happens with a touch from The Holy Spirit.  It is often fleeting and doesn’t occur again.

The gift of tongues is extreme dialect for many uses.  The person with this gift can use it to crush the head of the serpent.  Or to intercede for lost souls, or to praise and worship, to share their heart with God.  Every aspect of prayer which exists is intensified and made perfect where God’s Higher gift of dialect is present.  This is why it’s dissed by Paul (allegedly) in all bibles.  And its mocked by preachers who are afraid of it.  They fear because they have no knowledge of the gift of tongues.  If they mock it’s often because they fear that if the gift is real they then must face the fact that God did not give it to them.

I have seen a Catholic Priest who had the full blown gift of tongues. (update-I assumed)  He saw me pray the same dialect as him and I heard him as well in Catholic Grotto in San Antonio.  He said to me “where did you pick that up at”.  He seemed shocked that a lowly woman would have such a gift (I assumed again).  I could tell by his reaction to me there was no sanctity in his words or voice. His two assisting nuns were even more confused by the event.  And I was shocked by assuming that a priest of Catholicism would be endowed with the gift.  It was a clear lesson for both of us straight from God Almighty.

Catholic Nuns Laid Hands on me to Pray & I Felt Danger

But I must say this…I have had prayer by laying on of hands from many people.  But when those nuns laid hands on me and began to pray I felt DANGER.  I took their hands off my back.  It was if they were trying to cast out or steal the gift of tongues from me.  Or maybe the Priest was not using his gifts with a true heart.  What was going on?   I still think there was something about that experience which I missed.    God’s gifts are without repentance, He doesn’t revoke them.  NO matter what sin a man engages in during his prodigal walk.  At least that is my experience.

Update to 11-2023.  The priest …I was wrong.  I just realized after a dream last night what happened at that Catholic Grotto.  The priest was speaking Latin which all priests back in the 80s were required to learn.  I assumed he had the gift of tongues cause it sounded like my own Spirit lead dialect.  Apparently I was speaking in Latin a language usually only Priest know.   I assumed the priest spoke by the gift of tongues.  Now I understand why he said to me in an aggravated tone “where did you pick that up at” as if belittling me as he listened to my familiar dialect.

I answered him “in a Baptist church”.  He thought I knew Latin in the same way he learned it.  Now I realize God lead me there as a testimony of the Holy Spirit gifts for that priest and the two nuns to hear and see, for whatever reason.  So thirty years later all things end of days are being revealed to me and that’s just another answer from God!  Bless God!

And So by Gifts of the Holy Spirit by The Laying on of Hands & Prayer

The chosen have done many works of Faith by now due to the supernatural gifts of The Holy Spirit imparted unto them.  These chosen few were not born of the bloodline of Jesus technically.  But rather they became the bloodline of Jesus by Spiritual advancements.  Their choices in life commited them to walk the path of Jesus.

Their choices in life commited them to walk the prophecies step by step by step.

“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit sayeth The Lord”.

These things I do ye shall do also, and greater shall you do because I go to my Father to impart to you The Holy Spirit Gifts & Baptism”.

From born again experience of vital moral changes of God’s choosing.  Next seeking out by desperation the Holy Spirit Baptism.  They sought by prayer and the laying on of hands from those with The Gracious Holy Spirit they received deliverance from demons of oppression & bondage.  They received healing after healing.  They ran from church to church, Pentecostal prayer to Pentecostal prayer.  Alter call to alter call they received prophecy and banners of Spiritual purpose from the prayers of God’s people.

If you saw them you would not know them as chosen few.  They despise the sanctimoniousness of Legion/religion.  And they despise the fake mask of religion’s lies.  Just as Jesus despised Legion so too do they.

Why?  Religion stole the souls of more people than dark sin itself stoled.  Satan if that is his name, came to steal, kill, and destroy the born again believers.  Why?  Because it’s the chosen, those who are filled with Jesus’ Spirit who have defeated the dark lords of Oz.  They work on the other side of the vail crushing the head of the serpent.  They don’t fight flesh and blood.  They battle with the weapons of God in ways that would be unacceptable to Legion/religion.

The chosen had much learning to do.  It took them seven years to know and to learn their own heart by shedding the programming of the beast system.  By knowing themselves in turn they know others.  They too wore a mask of shame for many years.  They too were programmed by the beast system.  They too had to break free of the programming confines of the beast.

If you have questions about how to break free of programming and how growth and learning comes which brings with it wisdom please read my first & second books.  The Daily Meditation.  And Paradise for the Hellbound.

Both books are free to read online.

What About The Old Jewish Men With Beards Who Claim to Be the 144,000?

Judaism is part of Legion.  It is a religion.  God’s 144,000 do not serve the Beast System at large.  To work in the Holy Spirit requires solitude and privacy especially to pray aloud in God’s Higher Language.  It is possible that the bearded Jew just as a Catholic Priest received The Baptism of The Holy Spirit.  But as for the whole bulk of the religious traditionalists…I very seriously doubt that they are Spirit filled at all.  It’s God’s selection, He looks upon the heart.  The Holy Spirit evolves men into many different works of Faith.  Starting with the born again experience.  Visions, dreams, out of body experiences, intuition, prophecies to others, scribes, writers of God’s words, healers, preachers who pray and men are delivered.

EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES.  “If Satan wars against Satan his kingdom would fall.” There is the warning for us not to call great works of Faith “evil”.  Evil is as evil does.  If its an evil work then its evil.  If its a miracle good work then it is good.  That is the barometer.

Are there evil higher languages?  NO doubt but those people are not interceding for others.  They are not healing mankind or worshipping God Almighty.  It’s common sense to recognize what is good and what is bad by the result of it.  By the action itself.

What Is The Gospel of Jesus?  Deliverance.

The gospel of Jesus is the testimony of deliverance, healing, rebirth, of those who know Him.   Example-  Those at the alter call of the church prayed for me as I praised Jesus with raised arms.   I was then supernaturally delivered from the bondage of addiction, I felt God!   Or they testify “I was delivered from porn addiction”, or some other sin like wife beating etc.  “God changed my heart when I could not change myself”.  God healed me when I received prayer in Jesus name.

The name of Jesus must be proclaimed aloud without shame.  Lifting arms is an act of submission to God.  That is when deliverance comes by prayer.  If those praying for the person speak in tongues then all the better.  But the one receiving prayer should lift arms in praise to Jesus while they pray for his healing.

That is how it works.  And that is what is mocked.  They raise their arms in praise of the people in the band at concert.  But they refuse to ever raise their arms in praise to God.  That shame will leave if the man over rides it by courage. When and if he praises God in front of peers anyway & receives prayer.

What About the Youtube Preachers?

The only signs and wonders the YT preachers see are those which the Image of the Beast hands them (TV, cell phone).   The youtube preachers claim that the “Gospel” is the bible.  Most don’t know what the true gospel is.  Quoting the Bible over and over is redundant!  It’s not a heartfelt testimony.  It doesn’t come from a man’s heart of hearts.  Its an intellectual statement.  Its not a testimony of Jesus’ Love toward self because they were not there for the event on the cross.  It didn’t happen to them.

A testimony comes from one’s own experiences with God from the heart.  That’s why it’s shared and the person hearing it is blessed by it.  They too want deliverance and have a need.  Granted…the moment you first believe is an event.  That can be a testimony as well.

And before the biblical desecration God’s words were in bibles.  Reading the bible could prompt a man to seek God with His whole heart, then he can be born again.  The bibles were the directions.  Not the event.  Bibles were never supposed to be God.  A man is saved by Faith in God and Faith is grown by applying that Faith in one’s life.  Prayer & Meditation to seek God.  That is how a man find’s God.  Seek and ye shall find.

Receiving the Holy Spirit is a very supernatural event that happens after one is born again in my experience.

I was born again for three years and morally changed. Then I was water baptised by compulsion to be obedient.   I did not receive the Holy Spirit for another three years after being born again.  I had out of body dream, experiences after my Baptism of The Holy Spirit.  These dreams were prophecies that in part have come to pass.

I walked purgatory (which I did not believe in at the time) and brought out three women from the grave who were condemning themselves.  We lead them to God for righteous judgement.  I saw a man who knew every word scripture and verse of the bible (before it was desecrated supernaturally).  He still could not leave purgatory because he never got the words into His heart.  He did not love God’s Truth.  God showed me then why so many would be under the strong delusion in the end of days.

I flew above the church of God and watched as so many Christians were blind to Truth.  They are now given over to reprobate minds.  Not knowing the bibles are now full of blasphemy and lies.  They read and don’t realize how evil the words are.

That dream was in the 80s. I didn’t know what it meant then.  Until the bibles changed supernaturally and were desecrated.  All bibles are now fluid.  Changing on the shelves daily.  Being rewritten by The Father of Lies. Do you want examples?  Go to  

They read verses like “hate your family of you have no part in me”.  And they just whitewash it in whatever way they can.  Usually they scream “translation”!  And then send you to the Strong’s concordance for more of the “Strong’s delusion”.  More than just the bibles are being rewritten.  Language itself is under the tower of babble.  The overuse of the word “had” is rampant and annoying.

I suppose language has alot of power.  And therefore the language of Old English had to be done away with (and is biblically done).  Articulate language is vital to Truth.  Destroying the language with the tower of babble breaks Truth.  God is not going to tolerate this garbage language that’s overtaking mankind, much longer. Which brings me to the miracles.

Deceptive Signs and Wonders.

The strong delusion.  The Locust from the Pit.  And the tower of Babble.  The strong delusion is memory loss and false memories which seem very real.  That is how the bible can change daily and few remember it.  The changes to language and to ALL bibles is hidden from most people by the strong delusion.

The Locust from the pit was carried on a wing of abomination.  A kind of flying rat which carried a very scary looking invisible creature.  Here is what it looks like before in enters the face of man.

Apollyon holding his pet Locust creature.

The Locust lands upon the man while he is sleeping.  Why?  Because he has the mark of the beast on his forehead.  Those with the seal of God had to fight the creature of of them.  They felt it come in the night.  God already gave them the weapons they would need to kill it.  Yea its as if whoever drew this picture saw the event and knew somehow what would occur.

The Locust is painless.  It’s invisible.  And the winged rat creature which carried it perches in the hair of the man.  “head and hair” was mentioned in the verse but it was skewed.  Making it sound as if the Locust itself had the face of a man. But its a shape shifter and it takes on the shape of the face under the skin.  Quite terrifying for those who see it.  But when we fought it off we heard its wings just as the bible listed the sound of its wings.  Disgusting vile creature.

Mark of the beast is above the eyebrows.  The Locust consummates in the face with the mark and because of the mark.  Only God’s army the 144 would have been able to sense the creature in the night.  When it succtioned to their face and they heard its flapping wings.

Both the forehead mark & the Locust fit quite naturally to the shape of every face.  While the winged abomination perches in the hair spewing lies.  And lulling the victim painlessly to sleep.  Their minds becoming desolate of Truth.  And minds reprobate.  Granted these scriptures have changed magically since I made the pictures.  Amos 8:11 &12.  The famine of God’s words & tower of babble.

Who sent the Locust?  Apollyon.  Who marked the foreheads?  The evil lords we think.  God’s of darkness.  I am not the only one who sees these same creatures on mankind.  Others have drawn the creatures.

What?  You believe all the parts of God’s bible of free salvation (when it was mostly truth)  but can’t believe the scary parts?    I don’t blame you.  You cannot believe this if you are under the strong delusion.  This is for those who can see.  My writing is the chosen few.  The rest will call all of it “lies” from hell.

The Winged Abomination & The Locust.

God said those with the mark could not be invaded by the creatures.  Perhaps when I ripped the creature limb from limb when awakened I slaughtered both of them simultaneously.  Because I wasn’t afraid and I thought it was only one creature.  Or perhaps the winged rat fled and abandoned the Locust it carried.  Or maybe it’s still flying around looking for head of hair to invade a spew lies to.  But since I still know blasphemy when I read it.  And I still remember God’s Truth and the bible before the changes and I still see the seal of God on my own forehead then my fear of a fate with those lying creatures is just fear.  And understandable considering the circumstances.

Seems all of the Gentiles are under the influence of these two creatures.  We hope for their deliverance during their own seven year tribulation.

There is a possibility that Jacob & Gentiles have two separate trib periods.  Both seven years.  The waiting is hard.  However it has already been six years since the beginning of Jacob’s cleansing.  We also had troubles one after another.  It was rough.  The cleansing is done.  It’s been six years since intercession for souls STOPPED COLD.

Next came the warfare when God equipped His chosen to destroy the Locust from the pit.  And to crush free flying dark spirits.  He trained up.  Of course we spent years on ends in a lifetime of intercession for souls.  Next God gave us the period of annunciation.  In Spirit we poured out the announcement of His return.  Never before have we had such a redundant prayer to be said for years on end.  Its fading.  The annunciation period is fading people.  The end of the beast’s rein is at its close.


It’s likely that the chosen few will soon be raptured.  And judging from the patterns of God’s end of days works we surmise that nobody will notice the rapture of the chosen few.  One, there will be so few of us. And two…with the strong delusion in full effect He doesn’t need to show the Gentiles our rapture.  They will simply forget we ever existed.

The Dividing of Time/Mandela Effect

Signs and wonders and deceptive signs and wonders.  Both are in play.  Tower of babble is here.  There is so much going on right now that is magic it’s hard to keep up.   And also there are two realities in play.  When I look at the moon I see two moons at first.  The four angels are here pouring out their viles. We can see them flying their brilliant wings so beautiful and sacred.   The many cannot see the.  They do not see what we see when we look through our binoculars.  Some see the harmless signs and wonders called “mandela effects” for those in the secular.

But the deceptive signs and wonders…those are the ones that can only be seen if your not under the strong delusion.

The destruction of language is under the strong delusion.  By the prophecy of the tower of babble.  The bible changes are also under the S.D.  Some people can’t even see the mandela effects.  Its either cognitive dissonance or something else.  Denial of the possibility of the supernatural being real.  All the mandela effects are straight up miracles in plain sight.

Many prophecies have come to pass which were in the Bibles pre desecration.





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