“Paradise for the Hellbound” Read Free

The Scripture based Book Paradise for the Hellbound by Laura Edgar

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Yes the book is on Amazon for sale however its not available in paper form only Kindle.  If you desire a paper book please contact me at admin@paradiseforthehellbound.com

Please forgive the writer for poor wording back in 2012.  I have since learned (2022)I was in error by calling the bible "The Word of God."  Jesus is the only True "Word of God." John 1.  The Bible contains - God's inspired wordsssss.

Jonah is prophecy

The book of Jonah was always prophecy just like the rest of the end of days Old Testament stories.  Every one of the stories is about now (2023).  Have you noticed how many end of days “Watchmen on the wall” there are now?  The present day watchmen ARE THE SIGN OF JONAH.  They are screaming “prepare!  Jesus is returning soon prepare!”

Why am I saying that the watchmen are the sign of Jonah?  Because of a connected scripture.  I have a cross reference which pertains to the proclamation of the end of days and the warning that comes with it.

“A greedy and idolatrous generation seeks a sign!  But no sign will be given to them (on the end times) EXCEPT the sign of Jonah.  Just as Jonah spent three days in the whale in darkness, so too Jesus shall spend three days in death.”

And Jonah told the Ninevites to repent or they would perish.  That is the call of todays watchmen as well.  Hence the sign of Jonah is Jesus’ return.  Likely by 2024 April 8.


What if under one condition could a man write books of wisdom and still be respected by his peers. And the condition was this, every author must obey all his own words at all times for, if he doesn’t he shall be considered by one- and-all a hypocrite undeserving of the pen. I then say to this, thank God for and behold thy faithful hypocrite. For truly good men do evil. And atrocious men do good if only for display. No man [mankind] is at his best through every passing juncture of the season’s change. Please my fellows allow our writer his birthright of human perfection which is in fact, God’s calculated plan for an imperfect being. But for our many wise authors allowing their God-selves to surface, by clawing through the dark, narrow, natural mind. They do then spring forth into light. And we through time stock our libraries with Love-filled words of Wisdom and Grace. We devour the very words by our appetite of Hope.   And then our wise authors fade away from their best sparsely enabling the wisdom they know works. Thank God then for thy faithful hypocrite.___________________Laura Edgar

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